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Invest in a Healthy Tomorrow the Natural Way


Invest in a Healthy Tomorrow the Natural Way

Naturopathy a way of Life
Written by:- Shri Gaje Singh Punia


I often heard about miracles but never happened to experience the same in my life. But Bapu Nature Cure Hospital & Yogashram proved that miracles happen.

After having tried various forms of medicines especially the allopathic for treatment of my 4 – 5 months fever, 25 year old constipation and indigestion, I was admitted in Bapu Nature Cure Hospital & Yogashram by Mrs & Mr. Hari Krishan Lehakva on 5th August 2006. Mr. Hari Krishan is my brother-in-law. Although I was very depressed, hopeless and  restless, because of my continuous fever and chronic constipation, yet the above said institution gave me an assurance that have patience and you will be allright in almost 2 months. The treatment of naturopathy was stared from the same day.

15 Oct 2006, Alwar, India --- Bhangarh is a uninhabited city, built in the 1500s by the Jaipur royal family.  It is now used as a yoga and meditation retreat. --- Image by © Luca Tettoni/Corbis

I remained under treatment for 21 days only but to my utter surprise, Naturopathy reversed all these sorts’ problems. This was a great astonishment for me that within this short – period of treatment in Bapu Nature Cure Hospital & Yogashram, very swift, speedy and beyond – imagination recovery took place. This is really a miracle that was seen by my doctors, all the fellow indoor patients, all my relatives and myself in particular because it all happened to me. All were very happy to see/notice a sea-change in respect of my physical response, and a speedy recovery. In these 21 days, my mouth ulcer became passive, chronic constipation eased, indigestion disappeared, stomach became regular (Morning & Evening) and fever remained perhaps due to my physical weakness*.

Without any hesitation and doubt, I can say, rather I will say, that this all happened only due to able guidance and directions of Dr. R. M. Nair, Dr. (Mrs.) Rukamani Nair, a competent, enthusiastic and deeply devoted team of Doctors and treatment giving staffs. All these fellows took special care of mine and showed keen interest in my treatment. I must say that treatment givers were very hard working, qualified, honest towards their duty and respective. Although this treatment giving staffs are young, yet they are co-operative, professionally skilled and considerable. In the evening they remain as fresh as in the morning.

It is pertinent to mention here that Dr. R. M. Nair, Director and Dr. (Mrs.) Rukamani Nair, Principal / Medical Superintendent are at their best, energetic, guiding source of inspiration and able administrators. Undoubtedly this couple is fully competent, dedicated and an authority. They are really a mobile institution in them. They are very enthusiastic and they have deep vision towards their mission of total health. Although they take deep interest in all the patients they make me feel to have an special interest in me. During my treatment they taught me the role and significance of control, exercise, diet, and above all “Naturopathy”.

Seeing my recovery and improvement Dr. (Mrs.) Rukamani Nair was of the opinion that I should remain under treatment for some time more but I left the Bapu Nature Cure Hospital due to reasons best known to me. I remained there for only 21 days but these 21 days are very special and meaningful days in my life. Now I can say that Naturopathy is also a way of life. Every human being can live happily by adopting the principles and easy ways of the same.


I left the Bapu Nature Cure Hospital & Yogashram, Delhi on 25-08-2006 with a feeling of happiness, high satisfaction, strong determination of being truly devoted towards naturopathy, a high sense of gratefulness to Bapu Nature Cure Hospital & Yogashram. Entire staffs i.e. from top to bottom are doing their jobs with deep interest, clear vision, hard work, full dedication and above all with humanitarian touch. They all are involved in the best service to mankind.

I wish that this institution may flourish by each passing day. I pray to God to bless Bapu Nature Cure Hospital and Yogashram with all success, happiness and tireless zeal in their mission towards real welfare of all human being. With these words I once again thank Bapu Nature Cure Hospital & Yogashram which changed my life and thinking entirely by giving a new meaning and direction. I will guide all my friends that they must visit the said institution in their remaining life and get real happiness and bliss for the whole of their life.
* PS. I have no fever now.

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