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Recharge Your Eyes By Yoga


Recharge Your Eyes By Yoga

Written By:-Simpy Mehra
Student of BPT (II Sem.)


It is well known fact that human body is not a perfect mechanism.

Almost everyone in these days suffer from some forms of refractive error. For these ills, which not only inconvenient but often are distressing except those optic crutches known as “eye glasses” and under modern conditions of life practically no preventive measure.

General cause and symptoms:-

Also studying continuously for umpteen hours or staring at computer screen, then probably you are familiar with swollen eyes blurred vision and headache.

With examinations and winter month ahead (Grey days and low light), eye problem is bound to get compounded. Eye experts note that eye fatigue is common problem today.

One of most common computer vision syndrome (CVS). The most likely symptoms are eyestrain, headache blurred eye vision, slowness in changing focus, light sensitively, eye irritation, trouble with contact tense, after images, neck, shoulder and back pain.

eyes yoga

Home treatments/yoga exercises :-

It is not always possible for people to competent physician for relief. But these are some relaxing exercises which everyone can do in best possible manner in home.

Don’t study or share continuously at the computer screen. Get up from your desk and moves around every half an hour. Take a break. Take your eyes off your computer screen. Drink a glass of water. Ideally it take a two minute break after ½ hour.

Resting the eyes  The simplest way to rest the eyes is to close them for longer or shorter period and think about something agreeable. This is always the first thing to do and there are very few people who are temporarily beneficial by it.

Do Sumbhari Mudra: Look up to see V of eye brows and then down to see the tip of nose. Do this 10 times.

Swinging  Swinging not only improves your eyes but relieves or cures pain, discomfort and fatigue. Stand with your feet about 1 foot apart, squarely facing one side of the room. Lift the left head a short distance from the floor while turning the shoulders, head & eyes to the eight until the line of shoulder is parallel with wall. Now turn the body to left after placing the left heel upon the floor and raise the right head.

Alternate looking from right wall to left wall being careful to move head and eyes with the movement of shoulders. When swinging practice easily, continuously without effort and without paying any attention to moving object.

Flashing / Blinding  Blink your eyes consciously every 5 minutes. Shut your eyes and roll the eye ball behind closed lids every now and their. Close your eyes and take some deep, slow breathe.

Palming  A still greater degree of rest can be obtained by closing and covering the both eyes and covers them with the palms of both hand, the fingers crossed over upon the forehead.
For relaxing your eye muscles close your eyes. Rub your hand together fast. Bring the warm hands up and place them on your closed eyes. Let the healing heat from your hand soothe your eyes. Take a long deep breath in and then exhale slowly and conformably. Repeat this for exhalation also. Remove the hands slowly as you open your eyes softly. Blink a few times and return to work.

For eye circles  Sit still in your chair with both feet flat on the floor. Begin breathing long and deep. Begin to move only your eyes. Roll your eyes in circles clockwise for 3 long, deep breaths. Then roll your eyes anticlockwise for 3 long deep breaths. Blink your eyes rapidly for 10 seconds gently close your eyes and relax for 3 long, deep breaths.
Now you know some relaxing exercises for your eyes. So don’t wait for eyes to let you know they have had enough to strain at books, TV, computer screen. Protect them !

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