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6 Ways to relieve your Depression


6 Ways to relieve your Depression


“Meditation is both the symbol and expression of our intention to grow. Sitting still, alone with our thoughts and feelings, we can honor missed opportunities, passing desires, remembered disappointments, as well as our inner strength, personal wisdom, and ability to forgive and love.”

Here are 6 ways that can relieve your depression.

Listen to music.
Try to hear every instrument in the band. Separate the lyrics from the melody—listen to something instrumental, if you can. Sing along, and feel your body vibrate with the hum of sound.
Do yoga.
The practice alone will bring about a beautiful sense of presence in your life. Even one class or hour of home-practice a week is great!
The easiest of all! Breathing truly is the difference between feeling anxious and feeling relaxed. Try adding a few rounds of 4, 4, 8 count breath into your daily routine. Inhale for 4 counts, retain for 4 counts, and exhale for 8. Close your eyes. Be slow. Repeat.
Spend time in the sun
Depression is often worse during the winter months, so take advantage of any day when the sun is shining and get outside. Whether you simply sit out in the sunlight and read a book, go for a walk, play with the dog or the kids, the choice is yours.
Develop a personal mantra such as, “I am grateful for …” As the Buddha said, “Better than a thousand hollow words, is the word that brings peace.” Silently repeat your mantra and allow your mind to clear as you focus on a single phrase.
Think Positively
According to Frantzis, there are things that make people feel alive and things that make people feel dead. A “dead” example is any form of anxiety, while emotions like “love” and “hope” make you feel alive.
Once you’ve mastered all three steps, you should start to feel calmer. “When people meditate, they become less anxious and they just start letting go of things that aren’t important,” says Frantzis. “Releasing tension and becoming relaxed can do wonders. Remember, stress is just another word for tension.”

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