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Naturopathy (NIRVANA-1)


Naturopathy (NIRVANA-1)


No. of Days – 15

Naturopathy Treatments

10 days Yoga

7 days Acupuncture or 7 days Acupressure

3 days Underwater Massage

1 Health drink

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Product Description

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  • It improves productivity, prevent frequent illness, and a start to live a successful life.
  • It relaxes muscles and improves blood circulation. It maintains metabolism rendering positive impact on digestion
  • Used for maintaining wellness once the initial condition is rectified.
  • It is useful in condition of stiff joints
  • Strengthens the muscles of chest, shoulder, back and stomach
  • Packages should be utilized within one month of Registration.
  • Rates applicable if payment full in advance.
  • For friends and family new membership will notice shortly.


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